Welcome to My Blog

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About Me and this Site

My interest in computers started with bringing an iMac G3 back to life by replacing the OS X operating system with Yellow Dog Linux. Since then I’ve been looking to mold Linux for my everyday desktop use and leveraging the power of Linux on the server-side.

My prowess with computers has led me to different job positions which utilize technology at different scales. My time running a small web hosting business providing virtual private servers gave me real-world experience in Linux system administration, Python/Ruby programming, and information security. I am a big proponent of using open-source software to develop systems and solve problems in computing.

I enjoy using Free Open Source Software (FOSS) in designing simple solutions to complex problems no matter the industry or field since technology can improve a wide range of processes. After years of practical real-world IT experience with many, I’ve finally decided to get a blog going with which to write and document my endeavors.

You’ll get posts from Linux server administration, operational security, to using a Raspberry Pi to run audiophile software. The idea is to go through all the heavy lifting while simultaneously documenting the process. This gives you, the reader, an advantage since you’ll be able to learn from my discovery and won’t need to spend more time than needed in development.

I want to keep the site minimal, focus on quality and succinct information with zero monetization or ads. Keeping in line with the GNU ethos of free information. To start on a good foot, my first real article will be going over setting up Docker to develop your own blog powered by Jekyll.